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Hey athletes-- you're here! 

I could go on about how I'm a Registered Dietitian, Board-Certified Sports Nutritionist + UCSF Exercise Physiologist, then bore you with details about racing a 140.6-mile Ironman triathlon, but *who* has time for that? 

Brass tacks: I'll help you cut the fat and maintain your lean mass, whether it's for race day or just to feel better in your own body. I provide specialized, expert nutrition counseling to help you change poor dietary patterns for good. By helping you focus on the daily process, the results will indeed happen. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for managing your weight for the long-game. Let's do this! 

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More about me: 

I'm a single mom who loves to surf, trail run & strength train. I raced triathlon competitively for 11 years, including a full Ironman (IM Canada, 2011) but now I just ride my bike really far for fun.

Word of caution regarding the difference between a Registered Dietitian and a 'Nutritionist':

An RD needs to have a Bachellor of Science from a 4-yr accredited university, complete a year-long (full-time internship) in clinical dietetics, then pass a board exam. A 'nutritionist' does not require any of these things. One can become a 'certified Nutritionist' over a weekend or a month; none of these certs are accredited by the CDR (Commission on Dietetic Registration). Anyone can legally call themselves a 'nutritionist', including your personal trainer, your coach and even your mechanic.  Nutrition is absolutely a science, which first requires a solid foundation of biochemistry, organic chemistry, physiology and human metabolism. Consider this before you take the advice of a 'nutritionist' who suggests you need: branched chain amino acids, a ketogenic diet, intermediate fasting, or [insert any other fad/supplement here]. My advise is based on sound principles, education and experience as a professional in my field.  


How does the CSSD certification differentiate sports dietitians from "nutritionists"?  

CSSD's must:
1. Successfully pass both the RD ​and CSSD Examinations
​2. Provide documentation of 1,500 hours of ​practice in sports nutrition as an RD within the past 5 years​​

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